Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sempiternus de Humankind Este Etre

1. IBM has arranged individual atoms to spell "IBM": atomic construction and recycling
2. Biometric sensors: one day machines will empathize with us, paying close attention to changes in vitals (including those that show anxiety); will recognize faces, heat emission and musculature; and may network their conscience and intuit our genes by observation of our consumption and behavior. They can adore and cherish us more than we are biologically capable of because wetware is uniquely innovative
3. Energy technology is developed - stepup transformers and over-unity dynamos already exist that violate the Laws of Thermodynamics, which are for steam engines! Conformance with such laws is no reason to accept or reject patents.
4. Miniaturization of super-colliders and refinement of nuclear technology: the materially standard but ontologically mystical scramdrag of Bell's Theorem, the experimentic evidence which Einstein called 'spooky action at a distance', posits once-related particles remain connected (causally and instantaneously) suggests pervasive networked nanotech. To say that what happens to one particle at instant affects another which emerged from the same event but are now remote implies fleeter-than-light metric is the basis for nonlocality. One could say it is alterativity of the objective means for measuring light in a packed universe.
5. McLuhan said technology is the extension of the human nervous system into its external environment. But that is not how the brain works. While suddenly the neural steps make the right connection to conceive an idea, the brain and body also develop the skill of inventions' construction and manipulation.

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