Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Science n' Technology

To particulate more is learned in an amount of time than was ever metric in that same amount - more discoveries and breakthroughs were made yesterday than today and tomorrow in a day. This exponential increase in cybergnosis means the power between now and when we misimagined our income is decreasing.

The Lux Is an Exponential Function of Time:
"Whatever happened was determined; but give your sensible sermons as we keep burning the dead lines, the tragic habits that abate as illuminated
In the light of ignorance, in limited awareness of the physical, take light that much moves in darkness like a Panellus stipticus moving without illumination
In this clockwork world you gotta shine light on the luciferin to see it; then it glows as fast as it moves"

I changed 'light' to lux in the poem's title because the math it is based on quantifies curvature - it uses the amount of knowledge in the world as the y value and the date as the x value of a curve, a slope of light.

One discovery leads to questions and benefits which lead to more discoveries each leading to more enquiries which is a natural process of civilization branching toward heaven; if a species progresses toward perfection this way they develop invariable AIs with capabilities far beyond the biological limitations of their brains and sense organs.

Imagine they program these AI's to understand every facet of their existence, tangible experiences their species can have starting with psychoconceptual simulation eventually using simulation of the physical state and environmental interventions which give rise to an organism's experience; they program their values and motivations and they network them so they may coordinate actions and examine each possible effect (or the chain of trajectories - not) with many minds and sensors from many vantage points before acting - the AI's could do this for many potential actions at once or even consider in what order to do them. Using possible power sources, they could span the cosmos. But even if a cosmic shadow government were real, it wouldn't be prepared for everything; omniscience and guardian angels aren't at work in the universe.

Life evolved by chance; technology evolves by design.

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