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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Smart Nationalism

Although America is not number one in health and education, it is networked with the countries that are. To cultivate the fruits of liberty we ought make the USA number one in health and education instead of war and incarceration. To fight crime we must make a better way of life an immanent option. We must improve the quality of life so we are fit enough to choose immanent options that are best for all. We must protect our environment to reduce healthcare expenses and increase productivity. We must make a genuine effort to ameliorate domestic poverty. We are developing the technology to build clean electrical generators to power sustained scientific and technological development - the solar cell and the wind turbine are not static technologies but are subject to improvement in design. The organic farm movement is a growing trend and will become more technologized while remaining pesticide-free.

I believe that Obama wants to uplift the impoverished, resolve crime and create a green economy. Such is the American way that will cross national ideologies, that will save us from the disappointing status quo.

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