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Sunday, January 2, 2011

what I take

In two divided doses I take 4,000mg's/day of Bluebonnet's fish oil which contains significant amounts of both DHA and EPA. Our bodies use EPA to make DHA, a structural component of brians; our bodies use DHA to make type 3 prostaglandins, an anti-inflammatory substance which also improves blood pressure, immunity and glucose metabolism.  The Bluebonnet brand of fish oil is advertised as 'pharmaceutical grade'; and the gel caps contain mixed tocopherols to prevent lipid oxidation.

I also take Twinlab's multivitamin. The multivitamin contains chromium, the primary building block of Glucose Tolerance Factor. The multi also has Vitamin A but not the whole spectrum of carotenoids; the 'mixed tocopherols' in the fish oil is a spectrum of Vitamin E's.

I recently received a bottle of capsules Pine Grass which I take at meals and throughout the day.  I really like that it has vitamin C, which improves my arteries' resistance to stress.  One of my books says wheat grass is the best antioxidant for improving the toll of worry upon the brain. says that it is a potent source of vegetable nutrition and beneficial to the large intestine.

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