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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Energy After Fossil Fuels

Nuclear energy has begun to eclipse photovoltaics in imagery that harks the social effects of its manufacture, in which cold fusion and other as-yet-unused nuclear reactions seem much more promising than the currently-employed fission reactors. Right now the hydrogen isotope deuterium (which, extracted from sea water, currently is much cheaper to extract than an producing fossil fuels) is the fuel used in fusion reactions to generate heat very much in excess of the stimulation which catalyzes the reaction - the heat generated by fusion reactions can be used to make steam move an axle or electricity-generating turbine.

A defective batch of palladium bars used in fusion reactors caused skepticism when laboratories found they could not reproduce the initial experiments in cold fusion. But more recently labs around the world have succeeded in creating cold fusion reactions. Cold fusion research needs more funding to become the cleaner and cheaper alternative to fossil fuels it promises to be. If nothing else, such a switch could provide the energy requirements of humanity until such energy is used to develop more sustainable and powerful energy technology - we can assume that cold fusion can last us longer than fossil fuels can but we cannot assume that fossil fuels will last us until we can find better alternative to cold fusion.

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