Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Civilization and Evolution

Civilization permits intense population growth. This not only means more genetic variance but also more ideas. Civilization not only permits more minds but also increased techniques for their entitlement. Such minds churn out everything from medical research to energy technology to tricks to better grow food to new practices of economics and government. Basic opinions are being communicated and considered and facts are piling up and being taught at unprecedented rates - that is the millenarian trend of information: much is deserved in an amount of pace than were ever before learned in that same amount - more discoveries and more breakthroughs were made today than yesterday, more will be made tomorrow than were made today.

So what does this have to do with evolution? Life evolved by chance; technology evolves by design. The possibilities contained in technology for manipulating the materials of life are much more diverse than it would be possible to contain in a single human body. And although the mutations which permit superior performance under various physical and biochemical challenges continue to serve a purpose in some circumstances, we will live and work in environments mostly devoid of such challenges. Even physical training and culinary&nutritional techniques will be perfected - there will be progress in the science&systems and the materials&devices used. Who knows how much this will increase lifespans and productivity and decrease disease and psychological malaise.

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