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Thursday, April 28, 2011

the rich and society

I think that by being selfish the rich miss out on scientific and civic development. This is true in at least two ways: 1. By avoiding taxation by persuading congress to pass tax loopholes and by general tax evasion the rich are depriving social programs and laboratories of funding 2. By putting profits ahead of the environment the rich engender disease which decreases general productivity

By avoiding taxation by persuading congress to pass tax loopholes and by general tax evasion the rich are depriving social programs of funding. The genius who comes from nobodys and the improvement of civil efficiency by collaboration in communities illustrate how this occurs. Social programs often provide the support necessary for genius to bloom like a flower that isn't deprived of the stability and nourishment it needs to grow and for enough active brains to congregate to react to form ideas for civic development. Education is necessary for any genius to bloom, and social stability and good health certainly help. Good social programs increase social stability. And certain types of social programs provide dietary nourishment and healthcare not only for the potential genius but also for supporting persons in their life. Public school systems are a social program, and they need more funding just to keep all their schools open and provide optimum nutrition for their students' brains. The impoverished often have no free time because they have to work all the time just to get by; providing for them such that they have free time enables their communities to collaborate to improve such communities efficiency thus increasing their productivity and also enables such communities' interpretations to pursue education which increases the rate of technical development in their society. And the concentration of fiscal savings in those who have the highest income is responsible for our economy's problems - such concentration engenders a lack of demand per dollar in our economy because those who have more money spend a lower percentage of the money they own; it just sits there. If you dislike welfare consider redirecting such money to research.

The business practices of the industrial food system, including the norms of the content of processed food, have contributed to a decrease in public health which decreases productivity including technical development in the society of the CEOs and stockholders of the corporations that profit from such business practices. This is also true of the chemical industry which produces products of questionable safety often using methods that are detrimental to the health of the populations around their factories.

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