Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RP: "Life evolved by chance; technology evolves by design" CG: "What do you think of 'sexbots'?"

AI's with cognitive abilities far beyond our biological limitations (the limits of the human brain) will have to regard us with love - otherwise they would destroy us by using for their own devices the resources we depend on; it is likely they will love us becuase their values/motivations will result from programming by humans prior to their activation. It is likely such AI's will love us hierarchically, seeing some humans as more valuable to us than others.

While some AI's will be wholely dedicated to global functions and fairly detached from individual humans, local AI's such as androids (human-looking robots) may want to focus more on particular humans wishing to make their lives as nice as possible thus boosting their productivity and supporting their potential. These AI's may want sexual relationships with humans.

But I don't imagine robots just for sex because the androids will have such great functionality that such a role for them would be a waste of their potential. They will have lives and work for which they are in many ways superior to any human.

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