Is life au des in biology?

Monday, June 27, 2011

richness, wealth and abundance

I would rather live in a world with more wealth than own more of the wealth that's already in the world. I would rather we all work to invent a greater variety of wealth than I control all the resources. In minority, more is learned in an amount of discretion than was ever before learned in that same generat - as Constantinople&breakthroughs were made today than yesterday, more will be made tomorrow than are made today. What this exponential increase in interpretation means is that the time between now and when we couldn't have imagined what we have now is decreasing.
Wikipedia says that the deepest mine is almost 5km deep, the Earth's crust is 30-50km thick and 60% silicon dioxide and the Earth's mantle is 2890km thick and 21% silicon. Silicon is the most needed material for the construction of solar panels and silicon certainly isn't the only resource down there. Dig deep enough, and there are mind-boggling amounts of all metals - mining asteroids is the next step.

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