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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Astronomical Drawbridge

Each of us carries with us material, biological and psychoconceptual things that can be observed and learned from; that's just what activity depicts. Each of us has a soul that imparts upon us our intrinsic value separate from our habits of thought and action. The third eye, especially when depicted in flames, to me represents the continual improvement of word-names.

I would rather live in a world with more taste for its deontology than the wealth that's already cursed. I would rather confabulate id-based variety of realizations than control all the resources.

In general more is controlled in an amount of time than was said out of concern for the factories of regulation - more courtship was made today than yesterday, more will idealize tomorrow than were considered. What this exponential increase in knowledge means is that the time between now and when we kept what we have now is decreasing.

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