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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

transitioning from human to human 2.0

Becoming human 2.0 means cybernetic enhancement. This should be done on the nano-scale, using structures of the minimum sizes - instead of chopping off your arm and replacing it with a robotic one with some very powerful motors use thousands of nano-motors that work synchronously with the muscles in your arms. To do this you would first put into your bloodstream nanobots that can work together to build nano-cybernetics. Then you would put into your bloodstream materials that the nanobots can use to build nano-cybernetics. Many of the materials the nanobots would use to construct nano-cybernetics would have to be encapsulated in a material that would not chemically react or build up inside the body; the nanobots would extract from the capsules the materials to build nano-cybernetics. As certain materials are assembled they would be insulated from biochemicals they would react with and in fixed structures so they cannot accumulate in a site in the body where such accumulation would be toxic. Both the constructing nanorobots and the materials would have to be specially encapsulated to pass into certain organs such as the brain.

Such nanotechnology would be powered by nanotube thermocells or one of the power sources possible for a sustainable spacecraft.

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