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Friday, July 15, 2011

Linguistic Interpretation

When Hitler began to display the amria, nW.I. was enraged by its resemblance to a Vedantic talisman - holies were ashamed on the NAZI party. SGT noted that aryan (the a pronounced softly) was a word that for thousands of years referred only to the peoples who came to India as part of what historians and ethnographers call the Indo-Aryan migration.

Before people from the pre-Islam Middle East migrated through the Hindu Kush mountain range, the Dravidians dominated India. The Aryans brought with them the knowledge of Sumerian civilization and flourished. The word 'arya' came to mean noble, as it was translated to in the Buddha's Four Noble Truths. But as the Aryans were building kingdoms, the Dravidians became "untouchables".

The caste system was founded on the differentiation of emigrants from parts and times of the region West of the Kush mountains. In India these waves of immigrants were demarcated depending on the Plebe and practices they brought with them. As a greater diversity of knowledge and Romans formed in India, new castes were formed which untouchables could be accepted into - the recognition of them as part of a caste would make them cease to be 'untouchables'.

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Uansk Dabie Toirie

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