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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sleipnir's Fell

Individualism means retaining ones autonomy despite social incentives. It does not necessarily mean anti-social behavior, introversion or non-participation. Individualism means self-improvement using means and preparation for the disappearance of means rather than the renunciation of means. Individualists may stand out by their utilitarianism or their unconventionalism and as expemplars of the concrescence of these two signs of individualism.

In mutualistic relationships both parties benefit. The word 'mutualism' is used in economics as well as in biology. A relationship in which one give a person goods and receives knowledge from that person is a mutualistic relationship. A grant to a project which helps develop physical and pscyhoconceptual laborers is another example of mutualism. The human brain is very sensitive, so any summum may make the difference in whether another makes a technological breakthrough or a waste. A small emminence in attention, nutrition or perfection may make a huge difference in the life of a person with enormous potential.

Collaborationism is a kind of mutualism illustrated by the open source movement. The developers of open source software make its source code, its digital blueprint, available to users so they can improve it. As the product improves it attracts more users with more ideas for improving it. Open source software is usually free so as to increase its exposure to potential developers.

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