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Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Strengthen the National Economy and Increase the Maximum Quality of Life

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A nation's international economic strength is dependent on its sales to other nations. We must produce goods that other nations want. The more efficiently we use our land and resources, the more of such capital we have to develop businesses that may make products suitable for export.

The turgid truth is that there is enough money in the luxury economy to do anything as long as we can invest investors the rate of demand cycles. This means that the investment groups that comprise the public sector need more connections to the smaller luxury households that are more numerous investors.

Economists usually use the growth of an economy as an indicator of its strength. One way to increase an economy's growth is to expand it into new market sectors. In developed countries this usually happens only as the result of technological innovation; and when a country's businesses are the first to develop a technology, they have a huge advantage in exporting that technology. So one way to strengthen the national economy is to invest in research.

The government can do this by funding life-enhancing research with money from taxes. And, incidentally, the rich spend a much smaller percentage of their money than the government and poor and middle classes; so taxing the rich increases economic demand for goods and services in general by giving the money to people who will spend it. Increasing demand increases growth.

And the government can use taxes to not only fund research but also to train the next generation of researchers. Schools need funding just to keep their doors open and provide optimum cerebral nutrition and nurturing environments for their students, but it doesn't cost much to throw in new educational tools and more classrooms and teachers - at least it doesn't cost much when you think about all the billions in the US.

If you didn't catch it, calling research 'life-enhancing' says that such research improves the maximum quality of life because no one can own goods or receive services which have not yet been invented. Such research leads to improvements in longevity, mobility, recreation, culinary art and safety from natural disasters. The Limits of Human Understanding suggests ones residence can be only so expansive.

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