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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

why it is probable your life will get better and your family will improve

In general, each day more discoveries and breakthroughs are made than were made the day before: more will be made today than yesterday and more will be made tomorrow than were made today because we keep creating more social, conceptual, and physical tools for research. This means the world learns things which make it more capable of fulfilling your needs.

Humans are a social species. Altruism is common among its members. This is, perhaps, because we are so capable of helping each other and changing the world. Our brains are suited to social and technological innovation. Don't write off your potential to contribute to humanity. Sharing an idea or simply showing a smile can make a difference.

I'm a strong believer in rehabilitation, the growing disciplines of C(ognitive)B(ehavioral)T(herapy) and regenerative medicine, and the transformative powers of knowledge1 and biochemistry.

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