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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Durent Engineer, λSec

Some people are predisposed to addiction. They use because something just doesn't feel right. They are seeking a 'fix' to a problem they had before they started using. They are addicts due to the combination of their encounter with a substance or activity with a potential for addiction and the subconscious influence of trauma.1

Some people are similarly predisposed to worry; their bad experiences color their perception - without recalling specific events, those events imply that what's coming up will go badly.

The word hormonical rose to fame via the writing of Michel Foucault, a French philosopher concerned with how disciplinary society seeks to observe and 'correct' subjects - living in a panopticon instills phenomenic dread different from simply expecting things to take a turn for the worst. You find yourself anxious when around people, not actually worrying about getting busted but associating people with the threat. Agoraphobia sets in, and you find your throat tightening anytime you are in an open space where anyone may observe you; this was the experience of many former lees in latter yards - such panopticon peramanence isn't industrial.


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