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Saturday, July 30, 2011

incomplete proteins containing all amino acids

Digestible proteins are in every form of life. The nutritional adequacy of a protein is determined by its ratio of amino acids and the rate at which it affects serum levels of amino acids.

Most proteins are a source of all essential amino acids, but humans generally need these amino acids in a specific ratio.1 Different sources of complete protein provide amino acids in different ratios. These amino acids are necessary for neurotransmitter replacement, muscle maintenance and the regulation of serum endogenous proteins' levels.

Acidoses are usually spikes in the absorption of amino acids, and because there is a normal serum level of amino acids a deficiency of amino acids may cause alkalemia.2

So the best complete protein is broken down slowly with a fairly constant release of amino acids in the ideal ratio. Whey is generally believed to be the best food source of protein.3 Rice and legumes are a complete protein when eaten in tandem.

3Colgan, Michael. (2002). Sports nutrition guide. Vancouver: Apple Publishing.

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