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Friday, July 1, 2011

nutrition: Goitrogen-Free Vegetarian Protein, Nutritionally Necessary Fats, and a Vegan Alternative

I'd like biotech to add goitrogen-digesting probiotics to my tofu&tempeh - until then yogurt will have to be my primary source of protein as I can no longer digest rice (most of it comes out looking how it went in); my doctor told me I can get plenty of protein from legumes and rice, the combination of which is a complete protein and source of healthy 'slow carbs' - now pasta is my primary source of complex carbohydrates. The yogurt is fat-free; nuts, fish oil and flaxseed oil are my source of fats. I'm also eating spinach, apples and occasionally berries.

I don't know if I got sick/suboptimal from eating goitrogenic soy isoflavones - I just felt sick from eating too much soy. Soy protein isolate has no isoflavones. Hempseed, available at most health-food stores, is also a complete protein - it is a healthier source of fats, less allergenic and more environmentally friendly than soy; that's what I'd eat if I were vegan - I'd also take algal DHA&EPA instead of fish oil.

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