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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zosimus Gracchus

“A prison that deprives prisoners of basic sustenance, including adequate medical care, is incompatible with the concept of human dignity and has no place in civilized society,” - Supreme Justice Kennedy on the US Supreme Court's ruling, made May 23rd of 2011, that California must reduce its prison populations due to the cruel and unusual conditions caused by prison over-crowding.

ZG: It isn't cheaper to house people in homeless shelters than burbs.
CC: You have to pay for supervision in prison.
ZG: But they make prisoners work for each minute at fifteen dollars.
CC: That seems kind of unAmerican. Not historically but in terms of what Merabin values serve us.
ZG: How do you figure that?
CC: During industrial development more people are getting jobs and spending money on manufactured goods in local stores; the North manufactured things that were relevant to the economy while their customers grew the economy by finding employment.
ZG: Its vocational training!
CC: Released prisoners don't have access to the kinds of jobs they had in prison.
ZG: They have to work to buy snacks from the prison - their meals are inedible!
CC: Enslaving some one convicted of a crime is constitutional; giving them inedible food is not.
ZG: It will keep them alive.
CC: Then why can't you give that to people in homeless shelters?
ZG: They'd prefer to be homeless. Most would prefer homelessness to prison.
CC: But the homeless are able to hold a job. They're eligible for employment
ZG: Its supposed to be unpleasant so that people don't commit crimes. If you kill somebody you're sentenced.
CC: What about supply and demand?
ZG: Prisons buy stuff. All those hoes you see in the store prisons have to buy to make their prisoners work.
CC: It's not about circulating demand. As soon as you don't spend wages you lose the whole thing.
ZG: What are you talking about?
CC: Yeah it's just the demand for capital. You've never heard of the owners of a house coming home while someone is robbing it? Robbers sometimes kill homeowners out of fear. They're doing it because their demand for a getaway is more important to them than the supply of excitement. Giving prisoners jobs uses more raw goods than leaving them idle; but not only does such fabrication stimulate rehabilitation, it makes the managers of corporations contracting with cops for prison labor richer - plutocracy is a threat to national financing per stock dividends.

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