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Thursday, July 14, 2011

post on explains why space migration is essential for humanity's future growth&security

"If we stay on Earth, it is like those who lived on only one Pacific island and never left. They can build up the one island all they want but it would not be able to match an economy with ten thousand islands. On Earth you could have a few Quadrillion economy but with the solar system it would be a Billion Quadrillion (Septillions). In the 1500s, Portugal, France, England and Spain had far smaller economies than China. The United States, Canada and Mexico were a far bigger payoff set of projects than anything that China built from the 1500s to the 1800s." -

Nuclear arms aren't going anywhere. Even if the US discontinued its nuclear programs, Asia would continue development of nuclear arsenals. Thus the best way to protect humanity from a nuclear cataclysm is to spread humanity across such vast areas that a nuclear holocaust in one area would affect humanity on the scale a disaster in a developing nation affects terrestrial civilization. Prices of certain goods may go up, global GDP may go down and we lose people capable of physical and psychoconceptual labor; but we keep making more discoveries&breakthrough than the day before.

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