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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Real Dirt on Farmer John movie

John grew up on his family's farm. When he was a teenager, his father died and he took over the farm. He went to college as close to the farm as he could; there he met hippies. The farm soon began to look like an artists' commune.

The locals began to spread rumors that it was a satanist compound. Even worse, John ran out of money and had to abandon agriculture. He spent a while travelling until he realized that he wanted to come home and start up the farm again. A couple days after he returned, someone burned down the house he was staying in on his property. He confronted the sheriff for not protecting him and was told to put up "No Trespassing" signs. He did this, and the local police started to detain anyone they saw on his property who they thought he wouldn't like.

John had decided to farm organically this time and started growing forty crops instead of four. Eventually, someone saw an organic onion from his farm in their grocery store. They were excited as organic food was rare in that part of the country at that time. John's products had the name of his farm and a phone number on them and eventually he got a call from a group that wanted to include his farm in the C(ommunity)S(upported)A(griculture) program they were trying to start in that area. Soon Angelic Organics, John's farm, became an enormous and expanding source of organic food. It attracted interns and volunteers seeking the community and lifestyle provided by working on the farm.

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