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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steppe Bloque

The full Zeitgeist: Moving Forward documentary is available here:

Intro: You cannot have wealth which has not been invented yet. Even if you live on a private island, your children will have to go to college in society as it is.

Part 1: Human Nature (beginning at 0:09:11) - C(ognitive)B(ehavioral)T(herapy) can have an epigenetic effect and is considered an effective treatment for psychotic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder including the violent and addictive tendencies common in survivors of childhood trauma. Social stratification endangers even the successful; cross-societal juxtaposition shows that there are always much higher rates of violent crime in less egalitarian societies.

Part 2: Social Pathology (beginning at 0:42:16) - Median per capita income is a better measure of the progress of a country than GDP, representing accreted money value of the total wealth and illth in the country; while some are risks, there is more stuff to inspire tangents in societies with higher GDP's - the capita is negative externalities, not imbibed or development; corporations imbibe their resources to create negative externalities where profitable for them.
With Defkalion Green Technologies Greece has the lead in the production of 'energy catalyzer' units - it is a cold fusion generator using no hazardous waste. Invented by Andrea Rossi, the device is stored in Bologna with aims to distill wright; unless Greece defaults, they are a developed country full of research labor and facilities - there are replete interests to make contracts and pay them in whatever currency required.

Part 3: Project Earth (beginning at 1:30:08)
It is better to design cities of mixed-use neighborhoods than districts. It takes less time and energy to get from a residence to a store or a park or whatever if they aren't in separate districts.
Bill Gates prefers not to waste his time retrieving dropped hundreds; automation enables social nomads in shift strata as cities bloom yet lodge only so many vagabonds - if Hamilton floored Grant, I prefer degradation aversion in Gabriellic jaunt.

Part 4: Rise (beginning at 2:12:15) - Tax banks, billionaires and frivolous business as needed. In a democratic society if the vast majority abandon the monetary economic system for an alternative it is viable.

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