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Friday, July 8, 2011

the war on drugs

Education is key1; but if enforcement can substantially reduce the availability of such substances before education eliminates the desire to use them, I'm for it.

I think that the possession and use of illicit substances shouldn't be punishable by prison sentences. I think that someone who doesn't properly dispose of their needles or causes someone else to smell their smoke or commits a drug-related crime should be forced into a level of treatment proportional to their offense. I also support the forced treatment of those who use certain substances and the confiscation of certain substances.
Criminalization hasn't worked. It has filled our prisons with people who are in prison harmed for their substance abuse disorder before being released with whatever additional psychological problems they acquired in prison.
The way to win the war on drugs is to raise the standard of living so less dealers will be willing to risk imprisonment. Dealers who sell to support a drug habit fall under the first paragraph of this composition. Rich suppliers are killed in a shootout or go to prison until the drug problem is solved.
Analytical surveillance can help too:


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