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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

why I want to study electrical engineering and why AI's can practice electrical engineering and more

Engineering studies the behavior of technologically interesting structures. The behaviors of the structures studied in electrical engineering are more often not visible to the naked eye than those studied in physics and other curriculi of engineering. The curriculum of electrical engineering is also less accessible than that of most sciences (why go to college to learn what I can learn at home). It is easy for some one with a bachelor's degree in engineering to begin a post-graduate physics program, and they would have a better idea of what to study outside the curriculum of such a post-graduate program than some one who has only a physics degree - engineering graduates would have better knowledge of what has worked, what new devices can work with and the design principles of devices that may be replaced (fore example, when designing a quantum computer it helps to understand logic gates). Engineering does not involved looking through a microscope, working with hazardous chemicals or harming animals (all things I hate doing).
Not that biological and social science won't sound cooler once AI's are figuring everything out faster and more comprehensively than we can and everything we were taught by humans or able to experimentally analyze about technology is outdated. It is theoretically possible for programs to identify patterns, simulate their relationships (devices being patterns and their connection being a relationship/pattern; materials being patterns; resources and fabrication being patterns; the results of prospecting being patterns; techniques for resource extraction being patterns; the space between resources and where the mission to extract them begins and peripheral spaces included in that mission being patterns, organisms such as humans being patterns; people being psychoconceptual patterns; atoms being patterns and molecules being relationships/patterns, a magnetic field being a pattern; techniques for scientific study/experimentation, applicability of particular techniques and the conceptual bases for why those techniques work being patterns) and select the simulation which is optimally fulfilling for their programmed value of serving humanity. Programs theoretically can make their own concepts based upon observation of patterns. Of course we would like them to thoroughly test the veracity of their concepts before doing anything rash. They would be programmed such that certain concepts would override new ones which could still be discussed with humanity.

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