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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tiller Rebound

A diviner is called a 'djinn' in Mumbai1; but most Native American cultures have them, broadly referred to as 'shamans'. They tell you they can locate lost objects and far away friends using visualization and trance. It seems much more reliable to call your friend or spend looking for your object the time it takes to get an answer out of a trance.

It is theoretically possible to experience the past (retrocognition) or future (precognition) to a point by simulation of vectors and neural prosthesis: Newtonian physics posits that everything is predictable, consisting of interlocking parts moving in physically deterministic lockstep; therefore, it is possible to predict certain remote parts' relationships from local parts (of the interlocking everything). 'Remote sensing' would do more to serve personal relationships and chance education than to serve espionage2.

The bare human brain is not complex enough to compute the multitude of densities and forces required to deduce a remote object's position - there are much less atoms and energy in the human body than would be referred to in that computation. But if you think of the recognition as instead a bunch which can have a value added to it then the social environment will appear as the tilt of a ship with other bunches as ship's being launched from an opposite shore.

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