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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Biomimetics, Genetic Engineering, and Pan-Conceptual Brain Doping

The discovery that arranging solar panels in the shape of a tree results in a %20-50 increase in their efficiency is the biggest biomimesis ever. It comes from a thirteen-year old naturalist.1

While such photovoltaic trees mimic the arrangement of functionally similar biological parts with more specialized synthetic materials, scientists have developed an anti-fouling material by mimicking the exterior of a species of palm's seed which does not foul while being disseminated by ocean currents. This is an ecological improvement over the anti-fouling coatings which leach toxins to kill marine organisms before they can foul the ships' surfaces.2

But the pterosaur plane was developed by a different kind of biomimetic innovation: it used nature as only inspiration rather than a model. While moving the tails of such planes to their fronts to resemble the 'crests' of pterosaurs did decrease their turning radii, there are almost certainly some big divergences in the physics of the planes' and the pterosaurs' similar parts.3

While the same gene is practically always transcribed identically, the same gene may be responsible for a variety of features depending on its placement in various organisms' chromosomes. Such morphological characteristics are conceptual.

Give a rat a toy and it will solve mazes faster with better deduction of the correct routes to their such mazes' ends. Such enriched environments usually also include more rats than control environments4 and elicit extensive neuromorphological changes5. When contextualizing this framework to humans, one may understand conceptualizations as toys. From the observation that specific enrichment factors improved such rodents' performances on unrelated cognitive challenges, one may draw the conclusion that learning anything improves ones comprehension of all things.

Somatosensory E2 is fun like what I glued together in a bunkerhole! 1

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