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Monday, August 29, 2011

Eugenics Is a Social Disease

Because my friend was intimate with other girls, one of his 'friends' posted on his Facebook 'wall' a threat to stab him if he ever again touched the girl my friend was dating. What ensued was me on the 'thread' attached to this wall post publicly making an argument that such a course of action was in every way wrong. It went like this:

"Some organisms of normally monogamous species have genes which predispose them to infidelity:

Especially Western and indigenous Societies have this idea called 'polyamory'; its particularly popular among homosexuals.

Bottom line is [my friend] is more than just affective labor, so don't hurt him if he doesn't make [the girl he's dating] happy - you have to respect relationships among the actual persons who have them:

And [my friend is] young; the frontal lobe (a part of the brain essential for abstract thinking, delaying gratification, and planning) doesn't really finish developing (in terms of when its rate of such development slows to adult rates) until the mid-twenties:

And physical punishment actually impairs such abilities the frontal lobe is responsible for (and if you harm [my friend] and [the girl he's dating] doesn't like that, it will have the same neurophysiological effect on [the girl he's dating]):"

Fighting over reproduction basically is eugenics. Herbert Spencer, a social Darwinist, coined the phrase 'survival of the fittest'; and although it doesn't necessarily mean competition (there are many species that would be less survive if they competed more), this is the intellectual tradition from which it comes. Moreover, scientists have demonstrated that the aggregation of enormous sums of money by private investors is very much affected by luck:

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