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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've read this before, but here's my philosophy: use your Minimum Effective Dose of specific physical and cognitive training techniques, relax by living in passive ephemera, get stimulation by learning including your time for work, and play when spontaneously apropos.

If you do not yet have the conceptual software to perform where you are, I suggest learning and disseminating ideas that can help the bored masses to lead more productive lives. To me phrasing of this Web page is the most important thing comprehended, but I understand what ideas can improve how peops' harvest - disseminating health knowledge can improve abilities to innovate except if concepts are contrahermeneutic or analyzed in a negative subjective or ideological discourse.

These books aren't usually considered novels, and that's what they are to me - not particularly informative literature read solely for fast enjoyment and sleek doping:
1. Info-Psychology (Timothy Leary)
2. The Illuminatus! Trilogy (Robert Anton Wilson)
3. Zecharia Sitchin
4. Cosmic Trigger (a RAW trilogy)
5. Behold a Pale Horse
6. Failed States
7. Nahuatl syntax
8. Gheg grammar

I'm taking a break from tossing beyond outlines until I rutt my Book.

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