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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Germane politics does allow for troupe practices to mismantle societic aphorism.

Logical is different from rational or reasonable. Physics is a logic; therefore, the mechanisms of physical dialog are logal whatever their outcome - this conceptual frameware can be applied to any science or ideology.

The issue is not whether discourse is logical but rather what concepts they use to perform logical operations. Basically education can make a huge difference in a person's thinking. They think, "such and thing; therefore, this" based upon their expression of 'such'; and their arrival at 'this' is entirely dependent upon what logic they plug their conceptualization of 'thing' into at about 'therefore'.

The difference between logic and reason is that reason involves conceptualisation while 'logic' refers only to computation using concepts one already knows, the difference between scribbwork and rationality that rational use ones optimal conceptual structure rather than whichever softform ones brain primed to apply.

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