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Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitude Rising

We must not limit ourselves to neoliberal participation in democracy in which our only tool is the vote (both with constituency and money). We must engage with society itself. If you do not know how you can constructively engage with your immediate peers, consider joining an affinity group. Even in cyberspace, such forums provide opportunities to improve all members' abilities to analyze and communicate relevant situations.

Once society comprehends a better way, the powers that be will follow suit. If we are to believe that the progress in policy occurs only with their consent, it happens.

Another thing you can do is to simply increase literacy without advocating anything in particular. Consider two families: they both protest abortion, but one of them listens to rightist radio and the other one doesn't. In this hypothetical, the one that doesn't doesn't even know what abortion is - they just protest it.

The members of the family that know what it is are more likely to form reasonable opinions about the issue. This is true of any policy - there are certain concepts which all sides use in their analyses of certain issues.

So improve your general abilities to engage (including connect) with people. As of late, I have been explaining in blog posts many things I practice toward this end.

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