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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quasigotal Ventrigouge

Alchemic refidence emfides two suns of gold and obsidian. Plains Indians have a similar symbolism, a yellow cycle enbraced by an ebon circle with dyed feathers on its exterior. In this indigenous symbol, there is at the center true humanistic intention surrounded by problems, and the metromies function as a prism for the center to form ideas for change represented in the outward spirals of many colors and directions.

Perhaps due to the zeitgiest of Realpolitik, the NAZI occultists prominently displayed the black sun but made no reference to referred 'death urge' of fascism. D&G basically said that during a fascist shift the lines of the gold sun frictuates contaminant phobia. They focused only on Amperes as it emstreamed what Deleuze and Guattari flight from constructs, particularly types of social subjects, turned inward not just to increase the number of the manifestations of such essentialisms but also to draw destructive rather than creative lines of flight toward subjectivities.

It is likely that Hitler entranced the impoverished Germans with rich symbolisms, but this is a very incomplete explanation of his success as a demagogue. I think he stimulated audiences' limbic systems such as to implant an ostensibly pernicious idea in their temporal lobes and over-stimulated their anterior cingulate gyri compel them to serve his ideology.

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