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Monday, August 29, 2011

Scientific Advocacy

Stanford University recently published a student article about a professor's opinion that scientists must use their researchs' results to inform the public, thus becoming advocates.1 Such a course seems dictated by reason because the wealth of the university comes from the world - they are entirely dependent on the health of their external environment.

I suspect many professors are afraid of being labeled as intellectuals with agendas, but benevolent agendas are. When a doctor recommends a course of treatment, that plan is an agenda toward the end of patient health.

Using physics one can calculate an artillery's fire within a tactically satisfactory margin of error without computing the vectors that determine exactly where in that margin it winds up. If one is wrong, it can be learned why by checking the math and using the round's actual trajectory to deduce the atmospheric conditions surrounding its flight. Science can inform us of a correct course of action. Material realism is.


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