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Friday, August 26, 2011

You Are a Ninja

An infant learns to recognize faces before to manipulate numbers. While the computational units of cybernetic logic gates encode information by the reduction of signals' vectors, the brain encodes it by the expansion of them. A single neuron is usually involved in many neural circuits.

Feel the spirit of ninpo deep in your cerebellum! This 'little brain', tucked in the back of the cranial cavity between your amygdala and cerebrum, is the center of kinesthetic balance. The flocculonodular lobe is only one part of this 'little brain' that maintains equilibrium.

As a ninja, you must maintain such between peace and yearning. Bring calm but not apathy to those who suffer. Illustrate hope but not promises. Engender confidence but not delusion.

To do this you must gather information about the minds in your noetic range using not only your limbic system but also your cerebrum and forebrain. Your limbic system will sense the values which grip persons' implicit memories. Your cerebrum will understand those values in contexts. Your forebrain will construct plans to engage with such persons in situations.

Take these innate gifts and use them to nurture the noosphere. When you work suchly with neodentatism1, corporate shoguns and imperial dictators will tremble before your semiotic ninjitsu. Your form will be obscured as your blinding lanterns cast shadows from above the edifices of Empire. In these abbatoires of hegemonics frameworks2, you may walk among shogunates absorbing what spirit your auspice can observe and taking what goods rhetoric permits.

Live cautiously, for your soul is precious. Creed is part of the foundations of many others who similarly support others toward the end of expanding visage3. And consider that if you lose your power, you make your rhetoric vulnerable for others to abuse to further their own ends.

Respect your peers, for they are different. No matter what edge you have, each person has things you don't. They know things (including perspectives) that you do not. Their different conceptual frameworks stimulate different parts of the brain at once4.

Respect your elders, for their knowledge is advanced. First of all, humans' frontal lobes do not become maturely myelinated until about 25 years of age5. Second, the frontal lobe saves functional neural aggregates as does the rest of the brain; such development of the frontal lobe is why chess masters can choose moves so quickly - they are playing from previous games6.

Respect your place, for there is much to see. When you are stuck, there is usually much unknown to focus on. Even if you have mastered a technique, observing another perform that technique can keep you sharp and further your ability to teach it and incidentally give you perspectives in other ways. If nothing else, take in the signs that seem inane: you do not know their exact contents, and if you do you will stimulate the neural networks associated with them as well. Remembering the location of one thing will help you remember the locations of other things as well.

Respect your body, for it is all you have to experience your life. The soul can be very sensitive7, and it determines how deeply you can consider8 and enjoy9 all things.

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