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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Building the Concepts Lab

Scott Waters, a fellow student in Dutchess's electrical engineering program, told me he read a sociological thesis that the poor live for the moment, the middle class for the future, and the rich for the past. Although he could not provide me with an appropriate reference to ask for a hormonal explanation of momentism on the Biology Forum of, a cool idea came out of the evidence he recounted for the claim that the rich live for the past: it is not because objects' historical values remind the rich of how they came to power that they buy ancient Persian rugs while the middle class buys sensory-identical rugs from factories. The ancient rugs inspire all sorts of thoughts, but who thinks that much about mass-produced ones.

While Deleuze and Guattari suggest overcoming commodity fetishism by subjectively ascribing whatever associations you please to any good that is convenient for you to have (thus coming to associate it with appealing things the way marketing does products), I advocate concentrating practical conceptual value around oneself. This creates a habitat that is ripe for the inspiration of conceptual tools to engage with ones extra-habitat environment.

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