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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Geth of Mass Effect 2

Although the Quarians built the Geth for manual labor and flipped out when they began to think, they were programmed with the values of the Quarian people they were designed to serve. The Quarians are colorful, curious, and analytic but not materialistic.

So the Geth's purpose is essentially to learn, as we can see from their predisposition to network. The mainstream Geth fight the organics only in defense and want to learn all they can about the complexities that are. But the heretic Geth serve the Reapers to access more resources for research by networked synthetic intelligence even though the Reapers would eventually destroy all life or at least control it such that it would become entirely predictable.

This was not known when the reaper Sovereign attacked Citadel. It was assumed that a rogue Spectre made a pact with the Geth to establish a dictatorship, not that he was both captivated and hacked by Reaper AI and nanites. After the attack on Citadel, Sovereign was written off as a Geth warship despite Commander Shepherd's reports.

Despite such denial by the Council races, Commander Shepherd has used the analysis from the Normandy's AI of the Collectors' genetic profiles to provide evidence that the Reapers are real: the Collector's quad-strand DNA has the same evolutionary imprint as the Proteans, a disappeared species that built the Citadel before it was discovered by the Council races, and shows extensive genetic rewrite.

As the Reapers become more immanent as a reality rather than a theory, the Quarian Admirality Board becomes receptive to Commander Shepherd's advice that the Quarians ought to change their military agenda from destroying the Geth to preparing to join them in repelling the Reapers.

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