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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glimpses of the Future

The DIDO system uses cell phone towers that can fit on top of a car to transmit a signal with a lot more data than conventional towers. They do this by signal combining: the towers broadcast signals which interact with each other, forming an interference pattern which has a higher information:wavelength ratio.1

Conventional computers are binary: either a transistor conducts or the signal stops there - quantum computers may have more states, such as orbital configurations. One quantum computer which uses a bit architecture of particular electrons' quantum spin states is called 'spintronic'.

In a lecture at his university, Michio Kaku suggested all colleges will one day have hook up algorithms. He suggests they will at such students' request connect such students who want to do the same thing at the time and match each others' tastes for partners but not that it is sensitive to mood bios.


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