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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Can Do More in My Rigid Daily Schedule

When you stick to a rigid sleep schedule, your body may need less sleep because it enters REM sleep faster. I go to bed around 12am and wake up around 6am every day with no alarm.

I drink a cup of milk in the morning following an apple or juice (watch carrot juice) before I get around to eating breakfast.

My second dinner is hard-boiled omega-3 eggs, spinach, and whole grain pasta or brown rice. All my other meals are Teddie peanut butter, fat-free Greek yogurt, and pasta. At 3pm I eat about two cups of milk with a teaspoon of raw cocoa powder. When I feel like it, I eat spinach at other times of the day too. I don't really eat any fruit other than orange juice, apples and goji berries.

You can substitute hemp(protein isolate)&fruit smoothies for milk and beans&rice for yogurt&pasta. I would substitute some other source of carotenoids for the lycopene in the pasta sauce if I stopped eating the sauce though, which I probably wouldn't if I started eating beans&bacon instead of yogurtNpasta.

The eating schedule keeps my serum (blood) macronutrient levels (concentrations of fats, amino acids - from protein - and glucose) from getting hypo so I don't slide towards resembling an uncomprehending gremlin. I have yet to find out exactly how long it takes for ones hormones (including stress hormones) to normalize after a period of starvation, but experience tells me it is longer than it takes to get my serum nutrient levels back to normal.

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