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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm an Ethical Brain Vampire

I am an effing vampire. I think about things you say that you use mental energy to talk with me about. It takes a lot of mental energy to think about the things I say, but when you do it will give you conceptual power. And I actually become increasingly ADD and lethargic if no one talks with me over time.

It depletes your brain chemicals to talk with me, and you learn things from it. At the same time my brain is using to think of things your responses in you talking with me.

I need social stimulation to focus. My evolutionary biopsychology isn't set up to get adequate stimulation just from social, nutritional, and purely conceptual tools. I need actual humans to talk with - just over the phone or even on Web chat or email is good, although I get much more out of en corpus communication.

But I will leave you alone if you clearly tell me to. I will respect rules you explain on when and how I should communicate with you. I know you're using your energy to live your life to develop your brain, to work and consider for others' brains.

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