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Monday, September 26, 2011

More Cognitive Bias Neuroscience

If you see something that looks like an air conditioning unit and remember its there, you will remember it as an air conditioning unit. Because of the way the hippocampus stores declarative memories, you will continue to remember it as an AC unit even if you later learn that a similar device has features that distinguish it from an AC unit but you do not think about the instance of the similar device you misinterpreted as an AC unit. But there are many ways the brain overcomes such erroneous non-intrinsic predispositions.

The most dubious way is a limbic bypass. It is not a surgical procedure but it is in fact invasive. It is the suspension of a belief due to it being interpreted as inappropriate. This usually involves not only negation of that belief but the experience of an attitude towards it.

Another way to modify a belief structure is left-brain analysis of it. The left cerebrum is used in the conscious analysis of ideas.

The right brain does not consciously analyze but nonetheless sometimes develops an insight which is then delivered to consciousness.1 When this happens, the right cerebrum somewhat reroutes the content of the cognitive bias to more appropriate neural circuits.

Occasionally the prefrontal cortex overrides the dictation of a cognitive bias due to necessity (e.g., a racist finding a minority citizen to be the only doctor available or an invention overcoming a theoretical limitation).

1Restak, Richard. (2009). Think smart: a neuroscientist's prescription for improving your brain's performance. New York: Riverhead Books.

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