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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Neural Circuits Theory of Pan-Conceptual Brain Doping

Learning stimulates the formation of new connections among neurons. Each connection to a neuron strengthens it, improving its ability to potentiate each of its synapses. This includes new synapses and is especially important for them because without stimulation, they will die. In fact, the loss of most neurons is due to synaptic pruning: when a neuron is not stimulated by a synapse, it dies.

In forming new circuits, the key is focus. You can sit in a room for hours and not remember anything about it. But if you focus on things in your environment, you are much more likely to remember them. This is also true for the non-symbolic: somebody's face, the movement of the wind against your body, or the rustling of leaves - the memories of these things alone are the result of learning, of new connections among neurons.

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