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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peops, Local Governments, and Intelligence

Peops use their bodies to observe/interpret and, being people, communicate. Having bodies subject to nutritional and limbic fluctuations, they are capable of dangerous stupidity. They may, for example, have their narrow reward neural circuits wired such that they associate removing persons with sexual gratification. This could result in them taking an inappropriate action even though they know that there is no reason to listen to their amygdalas when their amygdalas are stimulated by a person observed unpleasantly. Local governments are much more likely to act on inappropriately framed complaints than is the federal government - the New York Department of Mental Hygiene just isn't as intelligent as the FBI.

We need more and more intelligent governments to protect us from the local governments, as can be understood by the Supreme Court's reasonings about local governments' transgressions. The global neoliberal ideology has only a cursory understanding of what causes economic growth. The rich return to the economy a relatively minute percentage of the money they hold. Ergo we should use taxation to allocate that money to science which can invent industries and increase the maximum quality of life through breakthroughs in mobility, longevity&fitness, and recreation. And in the US, poor children sometimes happen to develop into researchers.

So how are we to develop safe social systems for our security? Sociology and social psychology can inform us of how to design organizations with structures that support egalitarian relations. Such relations are advantageous in that they decrease aggression and increase communication. When power relations marginalize people, their perspectives and insights are excluded from the dialogue. As technology increase the rate at which society changes, society needs more contributions to the evaluation of its habits.

Such diversity protects society from incorrect sentiment waves. Although just talking about problems can cause society to address them (as has been demonstrated by sentiment mining algorithms' successful predictions of the Egyptian and Libyan revolutions1), the absence of critical perspectives of sentiment waves allows for them to establish a worse society. This is why the Bolsheviks immediately persecuted the socialist worker's councils and anarchists2 - they didn't want other perspectives interfering with the sentiments they engendered to shape the progression of the Russian revolution.

1It actually picked up on that global sources' expressions of the Libyan sentiment wave before it recognized the sentiment wave in Libya:

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