Is life au des in biology?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Population Genetic Diversity

We each get one pair of chromosomes from each of our parents. This means that in a group of thirty unrelated people, there are potentially 435 combinations of their chromosomes. This is assuming they all have different chromosomes, although this does not include de novo mutations (which are not a factor in healthy pairing).

In Arrested Development, George Michael has a crush on his cousin. This seems unnatural, but it is certain that they could naturally make healthy offspring. This is because Maeby is his father's sister's biological daughter. It is certain that George got his grandfather's Y set of chromosomes, and it is certain that Maybe did not because she would be a boy if she did.

The aversion to incest is natural among those raised in close proximity. This has been widely observed among unrelated children who have been communally reared or even introduced to their arranged betrothed at a very young age. It is called the Westermarck effect and it didn't happen for Freud because his mother was the type of woman to hire a wet nurse.

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