Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Friday, September 23, 2011

possibilities, not primacy

Life evolved by chance; technology evolves by design. Life formed as a random series of chemical reactions eventually resulting in mutation and evolution. Technology evolves by intentional design decisions informed by analyses of materials and situations.

Ergo something more beautiful than the biological results of natural evolution is possible. Natural selection is inelegant, speciation requiring thousands of years to make an organism that is reproductive within its geographical niche.

Nature does not choose the optimum design, only what works out of what happened to mutate. The genetic code of all species actually evolved on top of previous structures which happened to keep that code around long enough to mutate. For example, growling at a mammal tells it to stay away from you or not do something depending on your social relationship because of our common limbic predispositions.

So even the human brain is not optimally designed, and it is in fact so rooted in older evolutionary structures that it is impossible for the human genome to result in an optimally designed brain by natural evolution. We would have to use genetic engineering to write a genome nearly from scratch.

There are a lot of devices that we don't know exactly how work; when we figure it out, it helps us choose materials and scaling to build them better with. It seems that every day we discover new ways to save1 and revalue2 our brains.


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