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Friday, September 9, 2011

Punishment and Crime

Dignified leaders like advisors - its the despots that don't. In the eighteenth century Kant argued that we should punish because it is pointless - he did this by saying that trying to reform (educate) the individual or society does not respect their dignity because it treats them like a child, thus saying that punishment does not improve anyone1.

The Santa Cruz police department has been using a computer algorithm as an advisor as to when and where to look for crime. It has been eerily precise - it not only recommends a location but also a time to send patrols. As a result, the crime rate has dropped significantly; and we have learned that the layout of a city is a contributor to its crime rate.2 Researchers from UCL's Department of Security and Crime Science found that targeted patrolling did not result in crime being moved elsewhere - it lowered the rate of crime in the areas surrounding the targeted one3.

1There is actually some disagreement as to the interpretation of Kant's essay:
2this post has a clickable link to a New York Times article:

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