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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recovery 2.0

I was thinking about addiction recovery, "Importance, not dependence," as I think understanding that your life adds up is more dependable than depending on ones peers. Depending on how you treat yourself, problems or solutions will add up. Their cumulative effect may not be catastrophic or rapturous, but they will have a graded effect on the quality of ones life.

Saying that society is subject to the same addition should be good for ones mental health, as it includes that society is changeable. I could say "Societies" but I'm already thinking globally; I'm not content to do the bare minimum - if all you do is the bare minimum, you are literally barely functioning because the minimum is the bar for functioning.

This is not to say that anonymous support groups don't have social value as treatment options. They are good for educating persons more ways to understand their addictions and avoid a few bothersome pitfalls on their way to recovery.

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