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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Started an Electrical Engineering Degree on 8/30

I hope to use the knowledge and vocational opportunities from SUNY's electrical engineering program to enable research that will strengthen the national economy and improve the maximum quality of life.

Such research can stimulate economic growth by creating new market sectors that our nation's businesses, as the ones that invented such technologies, will have a huge advantage in exporting. Such research can improve the maximum quality of life by advancing longevity&fitness, mobility, recreation, cleanliness, and safety from our natural environment.

I'm also interested in anomalous electromagnetic effects, the current physics of which were devised for the observation of devices employing them. Such physics provides only the numerical relationships between variables rather than actual particles and fields.1

I hope we will one day have an education system that is free and less insular. I think persons interested in learning should have access to the same material wherever they live. Virtual libraries, Web-assisted learning networks (so students in the same geographical area can meet up and receive individualized help from both students and experts anywhere in the world), and cybernetically supervised labs (perhaps with access algorithms that determine when it would be best for individuals to use them) seem like a bright and productive future to me.


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