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Monday, September 26, 2011

Subjectivity and Now: A Neuroscientific Approach

Our brain consciously processes only certain objects in our sense organs' inputs. As we learn sensory coherences, we begin to ascribe a conditioned meaning to each one we recognize. When our constructions are inaccurate, we don't know how to approach the constructed object or stimulus, especially if we have totalized it into a subjective psychological function.

Because of the way the brain works, we focus on and store only phenomena and the entire sensory experience is not available1. Ergo, our subjectivity can be very discontinuous because we won't always interpret sensations as phenomena correctly. In fact, we can come across unique sensory input and interpret it as previously constructed phenomena due to cognitive bias. This is the dark side of the cerebrum and temporal lobe.

But when we are open to communication, we can broaden our perspective. In their phrasing and response rhythm too, peops give implicit info about their unique but complex experiences. Such experiences are unique but complex in that they are unique combinations of relationships but consist of specific relationships. Just as technical knowledge can have metaphorical value by the similarity of the relationships among parts of technical systems to personal ones so too can personal relationships have the same metaphorical value in understanding technical systems.


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