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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Forces Affecting the Directional Effect of Information Storage on Mnemonic Ability

Information storage's well-known detrimental effect on mnemonic ability is the result of a predisposition to try to store information only when necessary. If necessity is the determining force of the directional effect of information storage on mnemonic ability, the direction will be down. It has been widely observed that regardless of how much more available such technologies make information, their effect on the amount of encountered information that is memorized will push the memorized:encountered ratio down.

But this is not the case if the determining force is discipline. When we memorize information, we usually try to. And usually the more information we can relate to the information we are learning, the easier it is the remember it. So if we have the discipline to consciously try to remember information we are not aware is in any way critical, our overall mnemonic abilities will improve.

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