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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vertical Farms: Skyscrapers of Gardens

Because nutrients can move more freely in a water than soil, they are more likely to touch roots in hydroponics than in geoponics. And plants love the Any crop can be grown all year round. Plants prefer PlantLab's red and blue LED's to the suns white light - their lighting system is already 1.6 as efficient for photosynthesis as the typical outdoor plot.

Vertical farming can also be better for the environment than traditional methods. Because it requires much less land, it barely encroaches on habitat compared to traditional agriculture; and it will always be organic because pesticides and herbicides are purposeless in enclosed farms. And because enclosed hydroponic farms can recycle evaporated water and continue to use water that would otherwise diffuse into the soil, PlantLab1 requires only ten percent of traditional agricultural requirements for water.


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