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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How We Are Biologically Hardwired to Love and Hate Each Other

The day The Firmament's Block It Out video dropped, I realized that the Prime Directive would allow species to develop technosocial systems appropriate for their evolutionary biopsychologies. We need environments spaced so as to constructively direct our stimulation toward negative impulses. We need sign systems that effectively remind us of what we are and what we want, and habitats that play upon our a priori predispositions so as to suggest a nice activity when we feel edgy.

Organized group violence aside, we should investigate what causes us to turn on those we before held dear. At the center of this conundrum is a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical secreted into the bloodstream during bonding. It promotes trust and kindness, but recent research has found that it can also cause envy and gloating.1

Oxytocin engenders approach-related emotions toward its stimuli. When the stimuli is no longer what it was approached as during its oxytocin secretion, the love turns to hate. This is the result of the totalization of the stimulus; the solution is to add obvious commonalities to its class in your subjectivity. This will change the emotional charge of your cognitive bias toward it.


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